Cotton Carded

Cotton Carded yarn is produced using 100% cotton through carding process. Cotton is excellent for clothing due to its ability to absorb water and keep wearer cool during hot temperature. Carded is a great option because it has lower price compared to the other 100% cotton fabrics.


16s, 20s, 23s, 24s, 28s, 30s, 40s
Single Knit, Double Knit, Lacoste/ Double Lacoste, Pique/ Double Pique, Baby Terry
Rib, Collar & Cuffs
Spandex, Soft Handfeel, Extra Soft Handfeel, Enzyme Process
High/ Medium Yarn Quality | Tubular/ Finish
Special Dark, Dark, Medium Dark, Medium, Light, White, Reactive Black, Sulfur Black
12 rolls per colour (1 roll = ± 25 kg)

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