Cotton Combed

Cotton Combed fabric is produced using high quality cotton through combing process. The Combed fabric that we manufacture are made using 100% Premium Cotton. Therefore, the end-result will be smoother and higher in quality with less contamination and less imperfections. Cotton is an excellent choice for clothing due to its ability to absorb water and keep wearer cool during hot temperature.


16s, 18s, 20s, 23s, 24s, 28s, 30s, 40s
Single Knit, Double Knit, Lacoste/ Double Lacoste, Pique/ Double Pique, Baby Terry
Rib, Collar & Cuffs
Spandex, Soft Handfeel, Extra Soft Handfeel, Enzyme Process
High/ Medium Yarn Quality | Tubular/ Finish
Special Dark, Dark, Medium Dark, Medium, Light, White, Reactive Black, Sulfur Black
12 rolls per colour (1 roll = ± 25 kg)

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